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Damietta protein design toolkit

The Damietta Toolkit aims to provide a unified resource that integrates different protein design and modeling tools. The core of the Toolkit is based on a physics-based design engine that combines the advantages of speed, generalizability and self-consistent scoring.

Currently available tools:

  • Combinatorial protein design (cs)
  • Symmetric protein design (sd)
  • Molecular dynamics minimization (lm)
  • Single-point mutator (sp)
  • ProteinMPNN mutation scanner (MPNN)

Recent developments:

  • 30.06.2024: Damietta v1.95 (new rotamer library)
  • 28.06.2024: Support chat console is available
  • 26.04.2024: Official release of Damietta toolkit web-server
  • 24.02.2024: Damietta v1.60 (speed upgrade)

Upcoming developments:

  • Support for nucleic acids as ligands
  • Improved rotamer library with broader conformational coverage ✅
  • Local docking with damietta
Please select residues of interest from the 3D view or the protein sequence. Then, set whether to repack or to mutate those residues, and which mutations you would like to apply.
Note: repacking/mutating of first and last residues is not supported by the current Damietta version.

Damietta protocol: Combinatorial sampler (cs) Single-point mutagenesis (sp) Symmetric design (sd)